Welcome to InformedElectorate.net!

The idea of this site is to use technology to enable a more politically informed populace. The data is currently all from from the Sunlight Foundation. I'm hoping to expand on the current offerings, especially drilling down locally and acquiring up-to-the-minute ballot information, so hopefully that will work out. The current offerings are:

Find Your Federal and State Congressional Representatives

Type in you address, and via Google Maps API, find your local and state representatives. Includes links to websites, twitter, facebook, etc.

See What Federal Congressional Representives Are Using Key Words and How Often

Type in a term and see which representatives are using the term and how often. Bubble Graph generated with D3.js.

The Federal Congressional Record

Find out what the House and Senate recorded recently. Includes links to Open Congress for related bills.

Current State Bills

Current bills in selected state. Includes links to Open States

Comparison of State Tax Revenues

State tax revenue per capita by instrument. Interactive map.